About Us

We are located in Newberg, southwest of Portland, Oregon, on ten acres. We have lived on the property for over thirty years.

Our puppies are raised with a lot of attention! Most litters have exposure to chickens, bunnies, cats, and young children. Because of the attention we give each puppy, we only have a few litters per year.

BINGO (The Stud)

Our stud is a Russian Cream Retriever. Bingo (or Bing for short) is a very friendly dog! He has a gorgeous wavy white coat. He wishes he was still a lap dog but he’s had to make do with a nose on your leg or a paw on your lap.


We use only purebred standard poodles to breed. All of our current dams are owned by us. They live with us in Newberg or my daughter in Salem. We do not use guardian homes at this time. The moms are all social and chosen because of their friendly and playful traits.


We breed larger doodles. We do not breed medium or small doodles.


The average puppy temperament is a mix between sweet and cuddly and energetic and playful. They’re also very intelligent and learn quickly. Many owners have commented that their puppy was potty trained within a week or two. Many of the puppies will “collapse” in your arms for a good snuggle. While they often have a need for exercise (both breeds are athletic!), they are also usually calm too. No matter what mix of traits they get, our puppies do not tend shy. They love people and love spending time with their family!